I’m Claire and I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator from North Yorkshire, UK.

Before I decided to go freelance, I worked as a designer for one of the UK’s top greetings card companies. As a result of this I enjoy working in many different styles and I’m one of those weird folk you hear about that genuinely enjoys a challenge! So, if you have one for me (a design-related one, not a navigational or DIY one – ’cause frankly, you’re on your own there, kids!) get in touch!

Being Yorkshire born and bred, I’m incredibly fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world! I’m a very proud Yorkshire lass as anyone who knows me will tell you. I work here, I live here and I studied BA Graphic Design here at Leeds College of Art many moons ago!

I’m a part-time crazy cat lady and I’m completely animal/ nature obsessed – a fact that features quite heavily in my work… my happy places are the zoo, or parked in front of a David Attenborough documentary… or anywhere in the company of something with 4 legs and a tail, really!

As well as design and illustration, I love cooking and baking – primarily because I love eating (if you are in my company long enough you’ll probably be a guinea pig for whatever recipe I’ve been testing most recently)! I also have a wildly out of control addiction to homeware and so it’s fair to say I keep a close eye on developing interior design trends!

Another little fact about me is that I’m partially deaf in both ears… Say whaaaaaat?! So unless you want to repeat things about 5 times over, the easiest way to communicate with me is by the power of ‘the email’ as I’ve not yet mastered the power of telepathy, smoke signals or abstract mime. I mean, I’m happy to work on it but it’d be a work in progress, you know…

So… that’s me! If you feel like you’d *STILL* like to work with me after learning all that, please use the contact form on the appropriate page or failing that use claire@clairenicholson.co.uk … in the immortal words of Mrs Doyle… ‘go onnnnnnnn!’ You know you want to 😉

Excited to hear from you!